Clubs and Teams

Mustang Clubs and Teams
Posted on 09/27/2017
There is a lot of opportunities for students to get involved at St. Marie of the Incarnation Catholic School.  Our staff firmly believes that a busy school, is a thriving school!!  Talk to your child and encourage them to join a club or a team today!!

Club Description Contact Dates
 Social Justice The Social Justice Team goal is to bring awareness of issues in our community and globally to the whole school through food drives, toiletry drives, silent day, WE Day, etc...
Ms. Raftis

Ms. Roy
Google Expeditions  Imagine exploring coral reefs or the surface of Mars at school. The 'Google Expeditions Club'is open to students in grades 4-8, interested in virtual reality adventures
Ms. Jeffries   Sept-June
 Robotics Team
A group of 12 Junior students who are learning to code Dash and Dot in preparation to compete in the WonderWorks Robotics Competition this year. 
Ms. Attridge

Mr. Sousa
 The Star Team This is a group of Intermediate student researchers that looks at empirical data to help improve the school.  Mr. Petrovich   Dec - June
 Green Team Students of the Green Team demonstrate leadership, cooperation and responsibility by being stewards of our school and planet. Mr. Leo Sept-June
 Choir The St. Marie Choir sings at masses, liturgies and other events, such as festivals and talent shows. Their repertoire includes liturgical and popular songs. Choir members are singers from grades 4 to 6. Mr. Kremer
Ms. White
Ms. Buchowski 
Liturgy Band
The Liturgy Band is a group of committed and spirit filled intermediate students who lead songs at mass throughout the school year. Members include singers, sound crew, as well as instrumentalists on piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukelele, and percussion.
 Mr. Kremer  Sept - June

Sports Teams

          Soccer                                        runner

Team Description Contact Tournament Date
 Boys Junior Soccer
"2017 South Simcoe Champions"
Grades 4 - 6 Mr. Sousa October 17, 2017
 Girls Junior Soccer Grades 4 - 6 Ms. White October 17, 2017
 Boys Intermediate Soccer
"2017 South Simcoe Champions"
Grades 7 - 8 Ms. Daly October 4, 2017
 Girls Intermediate Soccer Grades 7 - 8 Mr. Sousa October 3, 2017
 Cross Country Grades 4 - 8 Ms. Barron October 5, 2017

volleyball                                           basketball

Team Description Contact Tournament Date
Intermediate Boys Volleyball Grade 7 - 8 Ms. Hawes
Ms. Frappambino 
November 22, 2017
Intermediate Girls Volleyball Grade 7 - 8 Ms. McDonald
Ms. Etmanski 
November 22, 2017
Intermediate Boys Basketball
Grade 7 - 8 Ms. Hawes
Ms. Frappambino  
February 21, 2018 
Intermediate Girls Basketball Grade 7 - 8  Mr. Petrovich  February 21, 2018  

hockey                                baseball

 Team Description Contact Tournament Date
Hockey Grade 6 - 8 Mr. Hammersley
Ms. Gillies
3 - Pitch Grade 7 - 8 Ms. LeClair May 16, 2018
Track and Field Grade 5 - 8 Ms. Frappambino
Ms. Hawes
Ms. Palmer
Ms. Barron
Rugby Grade 7 - 8 Ms. Palmer TBD
Chess The Chess Club is a group of Junior and Intermediate students who are learning and developing their abilities to play the game. The Chess club also provides divisional based competition to prepare our top students, for the regional school tournament in April. 
Mr. Hammersley April 11, 2018

Rugby                                  track