Grade 2

Bonjour mes amis de Mlle Nadon, Mme Etmanski et Mme Thompson!

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French Video Collection from YouTube
Be sure to review the Weather video (Quel temps fait-il?)

Part A vocabulary words (PDF format)
This list contains the current vocabulary. (see video collection for a video of the words)

French Christmas words and pictures
To listen to the Christmas words, click here
Try acting out the words while you listen to them!

Words to "Le Père Noël descend"

--------- Please check back soon for more updates  ----------

Halloween vocabulary (pdf format)
To listen to the Halloween vocabulary, click here

Remembrance Day vocabulary (pdf format)
To listen to the Remembrance Day vocabulary, click here

French Easter words (pdf format)

April 1st is POISSON D'AVRIL (April Fool's) - Click HERE for more information
(scroll down to the French Laughter Vocabulary)

Part C and D vocabulary

La Poule Maboule song and story