Grade 2

Bonjour mes amis de Mlle Nadon, Mme Etmanski et Mme Thompson!

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French Video Collection from YouTube

Part A vocabulary words (PDF format)
This list contains the current vocabulary. (see video collection for a video of the words)

Halloween vocabulary (pdf format)
To listen to the Halloween vocabulary, click here

Remembrance Day vocabulary (pdf format)
To listen to the Remembrance Day vocabulary, click here

--------- Please check back soon for more updates  ----------

French Christmas words and pictures

Words to "Le Père Noël descend"

French Easter words (pdf format)

April 1st is POISSON D'AVRIL (April Fool's) - Click HERE for more information
(scroll down to the French Laughter Vocabulary)

Part C and D vocabulary

La Poule Maboule song and story