Liturgy Band

Updated October 19, 2018

It was fun to hear you jam "Riptide" and Jadyn's new song.
Practices will continue on Fridays, during afternoon nutrition break.
Listen to announcements for any special practices or schedule changes.

Click below to access song videos in youtube:

Liturgy band song videos
We're going to be working on "Ready the Way" and "Prepare Ye the Way" for Advent mass, plus another one from the playlist for future celebrations. (Hint: it's a Hillsong United song)

Our upcoming events include:
Advent Mass Tues. Dec. 18, 9:30 a.m. @ HMJ
(Sorry - still no news about Remembrance Day)
Talent Show and the Festival of the Arts are works in progress

        They say those who sing pray twice. But those who rock pray thrice.