Severe Weather

Severe Weather
Posted on 12/09/2019
In the event of inclement weather, Rock 95, Kool FM 107.5 or 101.1 Big FM will announce the bus/school cancellations on the radio. Please do not call the school for cancellation information. The following are the procedures for safe arrival on “snow days”:

1. If buses are cancelled and your child takes the bus, you do not need to call the school.

2. If buses are cancelled and your child walks to school, it is at the discretion of the parent whether it is safe for the child to walk. If your child is a walker and is not going to attend school, it is the responsibility of the parent to call the school and report the absence. The safe arrival program is still in effect on snow days and it is crucial that you report your child absent if he/she is a walker.

3. If buses are cancelled in the morning, that means that they are cancelled in the afternoon as well. Please do not drive your child to school and expect him/her to be returning home on the bus.

4. The phone lines are extremely busy on snow days. Please leave a message on voice mail, or continue trying if the lines are busy. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

5. Clothing -please wear appropriate clothing for the weather. Mitts, gloves, boots, hats and jackets are a must. Please be aware that in the event of bus cancellations on a Hot Lunch day, the lunch program will be canceled for that day. If your child is attending school you will need to provide a lunch for that day. The Hot Lunch program will be provided on the next regular school day when buses are running.