Grade 2/3 Health

Mr. Kremer is working in a virtual class at St. Ann's Catholic School for this year and he looks forward to seeing you again soon. Feel free to browse this information for your learning and enjoyment. A bientôt!

Welcome to grade 2/3 Health with Mr. Kremer!

Our first unit is the study of Dependencies. The link below will take you to a document that goes through different kinds of dependencies that exist, with important information about each one of them.

The information has been covered in class, however, you may like to review the information with your child to reinforce the concepts.

If your child missed a health class (Mrs. Quinn: Tuesdays, Mrs. Borgh: Thursdays), your child should review that week's topic.

The date that each topic was covered is indicated in the document.

Click Dependencies information - 2019.pdf for dependencies information from grade 2/3 Health class.

There will be a unit test, on April 16 (Mrs. Quinn's) and April 18 (Mrs. Borgh's).
**The unit test for Mrs. Borgh's class was moved to Thursday, April 24.