Kiss and Ride

Kiss and Ride
Posted on 08/26/2019


Our school population has experienced continued growth.  To date, we have over 730 students attending St. Marie of the Incarnation Catholic school.

As a result of our large draw area, we have ten buses that pick up and drop off students at our school.  Every morning we begin unloading at 8:35 am and strive to complete the process by 8:45 am.  This allows us to have 5 minutes of “Kiss and Drop” prior to our school bell.  If busses are delayed, then we can not open the lane.  I realize that this is frustrating, but the safety of students is our first priority.


Together, there are measures that we can take to alleviate morning traffic congestion:
1) Have your children exit the right side of the vehicle

2) Drivers remain in the car

3) Have your child practice unbuckling the safety belt

4) Send your child on the bus if you qualify for transportation

5) Arrange for walking groups (with other parents) if your child is a walker

6) If your child is in grade 1- 8, park further up Colborne St. toward Porter St. and Natale Ct., have them exit the vehicle on the right and walk on the sidewalk into the school yard.

7) Park on Cambridge Crescent and walk down the catwalk to the school.

8) Save limited parking in front of the school for our kindergarten families with other younger children

9) Drop and go!!  Please do not hang around.  Supervision is on hand to keep your child safe, there is no need for you to congest things by sticking around.

Together, we can make this work!!