Mr. Kremer's Class

Welcome to Mr. Kremer's class page! 

Mr. Kremer is working in a virtual class at St. Ann's Catholic School for this year and he looks forward to seeing you again soon. Feel free to browse this information for your learning and enjoyment. A bientôt!

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Homework tips: To make studying French lists more fun, try:

- getting family members to quiz you
- acting out the words on the lists
- making up sentences
- playing a quiz game with your friends
- making up a song or skit about the words
- making a poster with the words
- playing "Hangman" with family members or friends
- playing "Charades" using word lists or posters
- watching the videos of part A, B and C in your grade's page

Don't forget to keep your phonics chart handy! (Phonics pages were handed out to grade 2-3 students in January and are partially completed in your child's notebook). You can also view the phonics chart by clicking here : phonics chart 

Also, use Google Translate ( to help with pronunciation and translations.