Grade 3

Bonjour mes amis de Madame Quinn, Madame Borgh, et Madame Arcan!

(updated December 24, 2019)


The quiz from NOV. 19-20 has been sent home in the French duo-tang. Parents are asked to sign the quiz and send it back in the duo-tang.

French homework: Please watch and imitate the Part B video (below) as well as the first 5 videos of the collection of French videos. Also read the Winter clothes list and the weather posters (below). You can also read and listen to the Christmas words, and the Père Noël song!

**There will be a quiz on Jan. 15-16 covering most of Part B and the Christmas vocabulary.

Check out my French video collection (Youtube)

Home study tips

French Christmas words (pdf format) See the second page for images.
To listen to the Nativity words, click here
To listen to the other Christmas words, click here
Try acting out the words while you listen to them! 
**The quiz on this content is on Jan. 15-16

Le Père Noël (Santa Claus)- French song (pdf format)
To listen to the song, go to French video collection (below)

Part B vocabulary (PDF format)
Current unit: up to "trouvé = found". **The quiz on this content is on Jan. 15-16
Part B video.mp4

Winter clothes #1 
Winter clothes #2 - Lists of winter clothes in French with images 

The weather poster (Le temps) #1
The weather poster (Le temps) #2

The weather poster (Le temps) #3
Weather translations

Be sure to check out the weather video (Quel temps fait-il?) in the video collection (above)

Part A vocabulary (PDF format)
Part A has been completed.
Part A video.mp4

Fall Theme Vocbulary.pdf
Fall theme unit has been completed.

Other Fall resources:

Halloween vocabulary with images (pdf format) 
To listen to the Halloween vocabulary, click here

Remembrance Day song - Le jour du souvenir
Read the words here.pdf
Read French and English words here
Listen here.mp3

Remembrance Day vocabulary (PDF format)
Video of Remembrance day vocabulary.mp4

----------------- Future units ---------------------

La Poule Maboule song and story
Click here for "Les trois petits cochons" play and song

Les bonhommes de neige (Snowmen)- French song (pdf format)
(Listen to the song in the video collection above)

French Easter words
 (pdf format)

Easter Poster (2 pages in pdf format)
Listen to the Easter words: click here
Listen to "La chasse aux oeufs de Pâques" (Easter egg hunt song): click here

Prayer for Catholic Education Week

Les Jeux Olympiques - List of Winter Olympic sports in French
Scroll down to "Sports d'Hiver" (Winter Sports)

April 1st is POISSON D'AVRIL (April Fool's) - Click HERE for more information
(scroll down to the French Laughter Vocabulary)