Music class

Welcome to Mr. Kremer's music class!
(updated Nov. 12, 2018)

Our Advent mass is going to be on Dec. 18. 
Here is a playlist of the songs we will sing at mass (Youtube playlist)

Listen to Our School is Forever (click on the song title)
For the lyrics of Our School is Forever, click here: Our school is forever lyrics.

Music class videos (YouTube playlist)
(grade 1)

Music class videos (YouTube playlist)
(grade 3)

Grade 1's, sing along to 
SING FOR PEACE (audio file) to celebrate Remembrance Day!

For the lyrics of Children of the Light, click here

------For future considerations--------

For the grade 3 Piano Songs, with a keyboard chart, click here

For the grade 3 Guitar Songs, click here
(see the Music class videos for video demos of songs and finger exercises)

For the lyrics of Evergreen Everblue, click here

Click here for The Little Drummer Boy words

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