Updated February 5, 2019

Here we are in a new year and lots coming up. Nice to see some
new faces at the last practice!

Click below for videos of our songs:

Choir videos (Youtube playlist)
We're working on "True Colors" and "Ashes"

Our upcoming events include:
Ash Wednesday - Mar. 6 at school - time TBD
Talent show - Mar. 1 at school - 9:00 (1st performance) and 11:30 (2nd performance)

Choir practice times are once a month on THURSDAYS at 1:10 in the chapel

Next practice is Feb. 21st


For future considerations:

Listen to Taking it to the Streets! (mpg format - download and open)

Sheet music for Taking it to the Streets (page 1) pdf format

Sheet music for Taking it to the Streets (page 2) pdf format