Grade 1

Bonjour mes amis de Madame Spratt, Madame Yorke, Mademoiselle Lenehan, Mademoiselle Le Clair et Madame Gomes!
(updated November 1, 2019)


There are no formal quizzes in Grade 1 French classes. Comprehension is assessed on an ongoing basis through questioning activities and anecdotal observations.

See my collection of French videos

Part A vocabulary words (PDF format)
For a video of the words, with gestures, click here: Grade 1 Part A.mp4
We have studied up to "C'est fantastique" (the rest was studied in class but will not be sent home in notebooks)

Grade 1 Fall Theme Vocabulary.pdf
Includes Fall, Halloween and Remembrance Day
We are currently studying the Fall and Halloween vocabulary

Other Fall resources:

Halloween vocabulary with images
 (pdf format)
To listen to the Halloween vocabulary, click here
Try acting out the words while you listen to them!

Remembrance Day song - Le jour du souvenir
Read the words here.pdf
Read French and English words here
Listen here.mp3

Remembrance Day images (PDF format)
Video of Remembrance day vocabulary.mp4

----------------- Future units ------------------------------

Winter clothes - List of winter clothes in French with images 

The weather poster (Le temps) #1
The weather poster (Le temps) #2
Weather translations

Be sure to check out the weather video (Quel temps fait-il?) in the video collection (above)

Christmas words and pictures (pdf format) 
To listen to Christmas words, click 
(current unit)

Le Père Noël (Santa Claus)- French song (pdf format)
To listen to the song, go to French video collection (above)
Les bonhommes de neige (Snowmen)- French song (pdf format)
To listen to the song, go to French video collection (above)

Easter vocabulary (pdf format)
Listen to the Easter vocabulary: click here
Listen to "C'est la chasse aux oeufs de Pâques" (Easter egg hunt song): click here

La Poule Maboule song and story