Grade 4

Mr. Kremer is working in a virtual class at St. Ann's Catholic School for this year and he looks forward to seeing you again soon. Feel free to browse this information for your learning and enjoyment. A bientôt!

This page is no longer in use for grade 4. (Formerly for Mr. Kremer's grade 4 students)

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Check out my French video collection (Youtube)

French Christmas words (pdf format)

Part A and B Vocabulary Lists

Part C Vocabulary List
Additional vocabulary: je connais (I know) - une église (a church) - un magasin (a store) - les lumières (the lights)

Vive le vent!
 - sung to the tune of Jingle Bells (pdf format)
To listen to the song, go to French video collection (below)

French Easter Words (pdf format)

April 1st is POISSON D'AVRIL (April Fool's) - Click HERE for more information
(scroll down to the French Laughter Vocabulary)

Click here for "Les trois petits cochons" play and song