Music class

Mr. Kremer is working in a virtual class at St. Ann's Catholic School for this year and he looks forward to seeing you again soon. Feel free to browse this information for your learning and enjoyment. A bientôt!

Welcome to Mr. Kremer's music page!

Listen to Our School is Forever (click on the song title)
For the lyrics of Our School is Forever, click here: Our school is forever lyrics.

For the lyrics of Children of the Light, click here

For the lyrics of Evergreen Everblue, click here

Music class videos (YouTube playlist)
(grade 1-2)

Music class videos (YouTube playlist)
(grade 2-3)

SING FOR PEACE (audio file) for Remembrance Day!

------For future considerations--------

For the grade 3 Piano Songs, with a keyboard chart, click here

For the grade 3 Guitar Songs, click here
(see the Music class videos for video demos of songs and finger exercises)

Click here for The Little Drummer Boy words

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