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Automated Attendance Call-Out System
Published on Oct 16, 2019 11:36

Beginning October 17th, 2019, St. Marie of the Incarnation Catholic School will begin using an automated call-out system to contact parents when a student is absent from school without an excuse, i.e., a call from a parent informing the school that the student will be absent or arriving late.  If your child’s teacher indicates an absence at the time attendance is taken, our automated system will place a call to the “Home-School Communication” number on file.


If you would like to confirm with the office the number that this new automated system is to call, please contact Ms. Coelho or Ms. Severino in the office: 905-775-3492.


Parents who receive a call will have the option of providing a reason code for their child’s absence, directly through the phone.  Please note, if you are listening to the message on your voicemail, you will have to call the school as the entry option will not work.

Safe Arrival Call-Out FAQs

Q - Why am I receiving a call from Safe Arrival?

A - Your child has been marked absent by the classroom teacher and no communication from the parent was received in the office stating the child would be absent.

Q - What name/number will display on my phone if I have caller ID?

A - No name will appear, but the following number will appear on your caller ID +119057753492 (our school phone number).

Q - If I have multiple children away, will it call me for each child away?

A - Yes, you will receive a separate phone call for each child away.  Please respond to the phones calls for each child. If you don’t respond to each child’s call, you will receive a phone call from the school for that child.

Q - If I don’t want the Safe Arrival program to call me, what do I do?

A - Call the safe arrival number at 905-775-3492 option 5 before 8:30 am or use our online Safe Arrival Form located on our school webpage ( before 8:30 am.